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Adopt a Bag of Books to help Options For Literacy send literary love to children in need of books.

Options For Literacy is fortunate to be supported by engaged and valuable partnerships with individuals and businesses who keep the flow of books coming in, so we can keep the flow of books going out to communities where they are vitally needed. However, we need your help. Did you know Options For Literacy never asks its beneficiaries to cover the cost of shipping their books? While there are organizations that require shipping to be paid, we know our recipients are asking for help precisely because they have no funds available to them. If a school or library has not had funds to purchase books in years, they will not have funds available to pay for $150 or more in shipping. From schools in low-income communities bereft of books to libraries and other agencies reaching out to serve populations of children who often don't own a single book, Options For Literacy has wonderful books to fulfill their needs.


Covering shipping costs is Options For Literacy’s greatest challenge. It costs an average of $25 to send one large box of books to a receiving school. Our gifts normally entail sending between 100 to 300 books per school from the publisher. We will be also be using books for regional Book Fairs in partnerships with area schools and libraries. Would you be willing to sponsor the cost of shipping books—or more—going to children in need of literacy resources and inspiration? One box = $25. Or perhaps you would like to adopt a book bag of books that will be shared with young people every month by setting up a recurring contribution! Your gift may be made by clicking the Donate tab. We will appreciate any amount you can spare to help us deliver brand new books to children—children who need to learn how to read and read well to have a chance at a bright future—because kids need Options For Literacy!

Adopt a Book Bag!
Volunteers Needed To Be a Reading Buddy!

Options for Literacy is in constant need of “reading buddies” for preschool and kindergarten students! What are reading buddies? They are caring and loving individuals that serve as read-aloud companions for budding readers, especially those whose caregivers have difficulties helping them to read at home. This could be due to burdensome schedules, language barriers, or other challenges. Reading at home has the greatest influence on a child's future literacy skill levels. However, encouraging and assisting youngsters with their reading out loud gives the child confidence, comfort to read publicly and affirms their progress.


Do you have four hours a month to be a Reading Buddy?

If you would like to help our young people become stronger readers, contact us and let's discuss your availability and more details.

Happy Team Posing

Become an Options For Literacy Volunteer!

Options For Literacy sprang from the dream of Verlean Singletary and the passion of a small group of hard-working volunteers. We like to say that we take our work very seriously, and we have the vision to give the option of literacy to every child.

Options For Literacy welcomes dedicated volunteers, whether they have professional skills to offer or would just like to help out at our Book Fairs or other events. Please sign up below if you would like to be a part of spreading children's literacy.

Thanks for submitting!

Want to Volunteer?



Make a donation and help to improve education for the youth!

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

Donate by Mail

430 E 162nd St, Ste 747

South Holland, IL 60473

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